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Product picture background- when less or more

The purpose of a product image is multifold:

  1. Showing the product – a picture tells a thousand words
  2. Showing different features or details of the product
  3. Showing different variants of the product (color, size or materials)
  4. Showing the application of the product

However, no matter what the specific rational purpose is, we can help you to display great looking products and ultimately better looking products than the competition! The online look of a product not only tells the customer about the product in itself but also creates a sense of who the seller is and what service you can expect from this online shop. It's no different from a physical store – a scruffy backyard store is no competition for a well organized, clean and neat physical store with well displayed beautiful products.

As a consequence the purpose of product images and packshots in e-commerce is also:

  1. Showing products that are beautiful, cool or whatever the value proposition is
  2. Showing success or lack of such for the online shop
  3. Showing the service you can expect
  4. Showing how you as a merchant care about your products (and your customers)

The absolute TOP method of getting you product to stand out in a photo is to remove the background. With background removal you will focus the customer’s attention on what it is all about – the product!

Background removal before after sample

From the picture above it is quite obvious that the product grabs our attention better after having had the background deleted. However, the need for editing the background is not only present when the background is messy as in the image above. No matter how much you try to optimize the photographic studio setting with the right light and quality equipment you will most likely end up with multiple nuances of whitish backgrounds. Individually the images may look great with what looks like a white background but when you display the product images together you end up with a mosaic of different whitish colors and editing the color temperature of the photos to make the background uniform will only result in false product colors.

eCommerce image optimization

By having the background removed you will be able to define background for all your products and align it with your e-commerce platform theme to achieve a perfect uniform look and feel. Further, you will also be able to focus your attention on getting any reflections, shadows and the color of the product right when taking your photos rather than having to compromise to get the background as good as photographical possible.

Our services

Having served thousands of customers all over the world for the last seven years we have repeatedly developed and optimized our concept to serve your needs on tree key areas - Speed, Quality and Price.


Time is money. To speed up service we are operating an instant quote system where you do not have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes to get a quote on your order. Simply tell us what you want done on the pictures by selecting services with a click and we instantly provide you a flat rate price for the job.

We believe in serving you when you need it. As a consequence, we operate around the clock 24 hours a day to make sure your pictures are edited and ready for download when you need them. In practical terms this means that many of our customers will upload their product photos at the end of their working day and have them edited and ready for download the next morning.

To further enable a quick turnaround on your orders we also offer an unprecedented quick service where you can choose a 6 hour, 3 hour or even 45 min turnaround on background removal, retouching, resizing, color correction and drop shadow.


Without the right quality speed and price doesn't really matter. To ensure we deliver the right quality on background removal we use multiple tools and methods depending on the specific product photo characteristics in the images you upload to us. Photoshop is in the center of all we do but in some cases we use alternative products and methods developed in house at It’s not just about background removal we also make sure we get the product edge as smooth and clean as possible.
To ensure quality we have extended our internal checks with a customer quality rating system where we ask you to quality check the returned images in order for us to improve our service. We hope you will take the time to rate our service – it only takes 20 seconds.

With our sister company Outsource Experts Ltd we have in 2015 started an institute (the Sarah Institute) to educate and train future top graphical design specialists and as of November 2015 the majority of our new employees are sourced directly from top-of-the-class performers at the institute. Likewise, we also reeducate our existing specialist in new methods and techniques on a regular basis.


In order to be able to offer you the best possible price we have invested heavily in technology to enable automation of as many processes as possible. This is also the reason we ask you as a customer to be self-serviced in selecting the services you want and to upload your pictures rather than sending by e-mail etc. We believe this is also processes that will enable you to save cost and time and thus reflect positively on your bottom-line.

Flat-rate pricing is the future – and you benefit from this because the average price we are able to offer you is overall more attractive than spending hours and days on estimating, giving and accepting individual quotes.

With our credits based system you will be able to get up to 66% instant discount by purchasing one of our credit bundles. These bundles can be used for up to one year from purchase and are not limited to any volume on orders. In other words, you can make an order of one product image and still get the full discount.

Complete product picture optimization

Having removed the background, you may also want to think about the product alignment in the picture, the size of margins, the color temperature, retouching imperfections and maybe adding drop-shadows. But removing the background remains the number one trick to increase the quality of visual communication from product photography. is a brand of Outsource Experts Ltd © 2017. All rights reserved.