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How and Sara Institute Changing Young People’s Lives


Poritosh Kumar is 26 years old and was born in a family of 5 siblings. His father was an old farmer which made it very difficult to raise Poritosh and the others. After years of struggle, Poritosh managed to complete his study and was out in search of a job. Currently, Poritosh is part of a Photoshop operating team at and has been supporting himself and his family.


Poritosh shared his story with us which has been translated from Bengali,

Poritosh Kumar, former student of Sara, currently employed in

“After finishing graduation, I was looking for a job but I could not get one. I was depressed and thought of my bad luck. One day, I heard about a course offering from a new institute called Sarah Institute  of eGeneration. I got enrolled for a 6-months course. The course taught me how to edit photos in Photoshop. The course also taught me English and office etiquette. Later, I was hired by as a junior designer. My life was changed and since then I have been able to support myself and my old parents”.


Poritosh is not the only one. There are thousands of disadvantaged young people in Bangladesh who have trouble establishing themselves in the working society. Partnership with Sara enabled eCom and Sara to share their knowledge, experience and work together in re-shaping the life of many hundreds of these less fortunate youths of the northeren area of Bangladesh known to be the most underdeveloped zone of the country.

Sara is a non-profit training institute that provides training on Graphic Design and ICT skills to young-unemployed people from low-income areas in Gaibandha. Gaibandha is situated in the northern part of Bangladesh with population of 2.43 million. With most dependent on agriculture (44.45%), the district still has a 30% people living under the poverty line. Due to very limited local job opportunities, a group of young graduates go to other cities to seek out jobs, many fall back on agriculture, and many remain unemployed. Sara program was born with these less fortunates in mind. Starting out with only 32 students in 2014, Sara has trained over 300 students since then. Most of these are now working in many local and international companies including


Images from Sara Institute has been a pretty fast growing company since it was founded in September 2015 and has been continuously needing to hire skilled Photoshop operators. With Sara Instituted alongside, eCom can easily fill up the needs. has a very deep commitment in creating a society driven by talented youths. The team at has been working very closely with Sara to create better trainings and reach people’s lives at far remote areas where there is little light of education. With it’s industry leading CSR policy, eCom is enabling youths to have a better future through education and job opportunities.

Many Sara students working in’s branch office in Gaibandha


Ataur Rahman, Director at Sara

“We at Sara are very serious about the quality of education. The course curriculum that we’ve developed covers 6 areas that we think are essential: Graphic Design, Freelancing, Productivity and Quality Management, Basic Computing, Office Etiquette, and Photo Editing. While we developed this curriculum, we involved industry professionals and we created a compact module which would enable trainee to get a job fast. Our statistics show that most of our students are already working in many companies and we are very proud of it”.

Before coming to Sara, Poritosh never knew how to use Photoshop. Infact, many like Poritosh never had a chance to use a computer before. Sara and eCom together is creating a positive impact in the society as well as outsourcing job sector in Bangladesh by enabling youths like Poritosh to use their potentials. So far the result of this effort is obvious and uplifting.

To learn more about Sara Institute of eGeneration, please visit Sara’s website:

If you want to contribute for the institute, you can do that through Please contact us at [email protected].

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Md AsaduzzamanHow and Sara Institute Changing Young People’s Lives

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Md AsaduzzamanHow and Sara Institute Changing Young People’s Lives
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