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3 Easy Steps to Capture High Quality Product Photo with Your Smartphone


During my internship at I got assigned to do a couple of product pictures in order to test the improvement of sales when using optimized product pictures. Since I am not a professional photographer, I do not have all the newest, high-tech photography gear.  This led me to thinking, how can I get great product photos without investing in all the expensive photography gear? The solution was simple and right in front of me! Use a smartphone!

This way you do not have to spend a fortune, since you probably already have some sort of smartphone. Moreover, you do not need extensive experience in all the complex settings used on high quality cameras. With a smartphone, it is easy. Further, most of the things you need to set up and create an interim amateur studio, you most likely already have on hand. If not, it should not be a problem to get.

Here is what I did!

Step 1. Background

For the background you are going to shoot against, you can make a so-called infinity curve. The infinity curve will give the impression that your background goes off into infinity. 
To make one yourself all you will need is one of the following; big piece of paper, small papers put together, fabric or something similar. All you need to do is set the paper so that it curves against something, for example a wall with a table against it. Just tape the paper to the wall and let it curve onto the table. And there you have it, a do-it-yourself infinity curve.

However, in my case I could not get the curve big enough so I had to improvise once more … I ended up placing the products on white paper and used the wall in an office as background.

Now, this did give a nasty looking background on the photos but as we will see later we are solving this by using a picture alteration service such as

Step 2. Taking the photo

To avoid getting a shaky picture, a tripod or something else that can hold your phone steady would be a great idea. You can either buy one or get creative and make one yourself. Tripods don’t have to cost a lot if you look for it online.

In my case, I did not have one so I simply tried my best to hold the camera steady. To make your picture less shaky, you can for example rest your arms or hands on a surface.

The right lighting also plays a big role. You can buy cheap effective lamps online but also use a simple table lamp or even better; use natural light from a window, which was how I did it …

Step 3. Editing the picture

If you know how to use Photoshop, you can do it yourself. However, I do not and as far as I know it is also time consuming and time is money!

A quick, cheap and easy way is to send it to a company who does picture optimizing. offers a fast and cheap way to get your pictures professionally optimized. They do optimization like removing the background, enhancing the colour, creating a natural looking shadow or reflection and fixing imperfections through Photoshop.

I got mine edited through and I honestly think they look like they were taken by a professional. You can see one of the pictures I did in the blog-post below.

And that’s how easy and cheap it is to get great looking product pictures!

By: Ida Sofie Bülow Mortensen

Picture taken with iphone5s and optimised by

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Atiqur Rahman3 Easy Steps to Capture High Quality Product Photo with Your Smartphone

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  • Mahbub - October 16, 2016 reply

    You show here easily how to background remove from an image. Thanks for share.

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Atiqur Rahman3 Easy Steps to Capture High Quality Product Photo with Your Smartphone
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