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Sending email for a quote or filling up a quotation form and waiting is the traditional way of getting a quote from an offshore company, from most offshore company to be precise. is the first company to put an end to the era of quotation request. With it’s Instant Price Calculator or IPC in short, has completely changed the way how customer should receive a quote. Benefits goes beyond just getting a quote. You can create custom image specification choosing from a range of available editing options in order to create consistent, compliant product image for your e-commerce website.

Now, ordering image editing services from an offshore farm can be a repetitive process and that’s why the IPC has 3 quick templates to choose from: Standard, Enhanced, and Complete. If you want to know how to use these templates to create your product image specification, you can jump to section Create Image Specification from a Template of this article.

In the following section, we are going to explain how you can use our advanced IPC to create your custom e-commerce image specification and review price and end quality, instantly. The system will allow you to tell us exactly how you want your images, down to the most granular level. In essence, you know exactly what you pay, submit your order and forget about it. Next morning, you wake up and see your work done.


Create Custom Product Image Specification

First, let’s take a quick look and be familiarize with some key interfaces of the Instant Price Calculator.

instant Price Calculator overview

Instant Price Calculator overview

Choose from available editing options

The IPC has every most popular editing choices needed for e-commerce product images. Whether you sell on popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or you run your own e-commerce site, IPC will allow you to create any specification in just a few clicks. The IPC shows you any corresponding changes in pricing in every step of the way.

Background removal

Not every marketplace wants the same kind of background behind it’s product images, neither do you if you own your site. So, eCom has kept 4 popular background removal options: White background, Transparent background, Custom background color, Custom background image.

Background Removal

White background

If you select this option, we’ll turn background of your images into white (color code: #FFFFFF). You can preview result in the demo image on the right. If you are selling on Amazon or eBay, this should be your desired option.


Transparent background

With this option selected, we’ll keep background transparent in your images. Transparency means there will be no background in your product image and it’ll take up whatever background the image is placed to.


Custom colour background

The custom color background extends the possibility of better illustration of your images. Although popular marketplaces like Amazon does not support background other than white, but you may want to for your own e-commerce site. Choosing this options reveals a colour preset and you can drag and adjust the 4 handles: Red, Green, Blue, and White respectively to reach your desired color. Or if you already know your color code, you can paste it in the input field. Finally, clicking on SET button applies the chosen color to the demo and you can preview result in the demo instantly.

Custom Color Background

Custom background image

This option is kept with those in mind who want to see their own supplied background image behind their product photos. With this option selected, you’ll be provided with an input field to supply your background image. Later on, when we edit your photos, we set this image as background to all of your product images.


Enhancement and Retouching

Enhancement and Retouching is the next and perhaps one of the most popular editing choices in post-production. While photographing product in studio, products are often left with imperfections and dusts. Often hidden in photographer’s eye, DSLR takes up those subtle imperfections. Now, with Enhancement and Retouching, you can enhance colour and brightness of your images and polish any imperfections or dusts to reveal the best outlook of your product imagery.

Enhancement and Retouching

Color enhancement

Raw photographs shoot from studio may not have your desired colour profile and you may want that to improve. When shooting a wide range of products or shooting one from different angles, in-consistency in colour profile is a common phenomena. If you go for this option, our on-board editing experts will make sure all of your images are consistently bright.


Retouching / Airbrushing

Unwanted dusts and spots that you could not get rid of from your products prior to photoshoot will be left in your product images. Or product like apparels, shoes etc. picks up unwanted passengers en-route to photoshoot e.g. pins or strings. While one image may not have those problems, others might. You want consistency across your image library and retouching can remove these unsightly artefacts from your product images. When you choose this editing option, we’ll retouch out unwanted elements from your images making them perfect to display in your e-commerce product catalogue.


Drop shadow

While Amazon marketplace does not allow shadows in it’s product images, you might for your e-commerce site. Shadow effect can elevate the look of your product resulting more appeal to customer’s eye. The IPC has 4 options to choose from: Keep existing shadow, Basic product shadow, Natural drop shadow, Reflection shadow / Mirror effect.

Drop Shadow

Keep existing shadow

Most often, product image already contains a natural shadow effect from the studio. This shadow effect is normally removed in post-production. However, with this option selected in IPC, we’ll keep the shadow effect intact while removing background and any accompanying imperfections in the shadow, resulting in a polished shadow effect in a clean background.


Basic product shadow

We know from our years of experience in the photo editing industry, customers may have a wide variety of choices when choosing product shadow effect. The choice can vary from shadow angle, shadow opacity to shadow density. When we developed the IPC, we did not want to limit the possibility of being creative. So with these 3 options in hand, customers have complete freedom of choosing how best they can be with their product imagery. When you choose Shadow angle, Shadow size, and Shadow density, you can instantly preview the resulting effect in the demo image on your right.

Shadow angle, size and density

Natural drop shadow

Natural shadow is very much like a shadow effect you get with your product shot from studio. Now, that original shadow effect may not always have desired opacity or angle due to the lighting condition in your studio. In a situation like this, customers want a new natural drop shadow effect. When you are choosing this option, you can choose shadow opacity from options: Light, Medium, and Dark.


Reflection shadow / Mirror effect

If you want to add more life to your product images, Reflection shadow is a great option to go for. It’s a subtle effect to your product images that presents the product as if it was taken in a nice, clean and well lit environment. This add-on effect can elevate the appeal of your product resulting more reasons for your customer to choose you over your competitors. Now, by tweaking shadow size and density of the shadow effect, you can create a perfect match for your kind of product.


Shadow effect comparison


Existing shadow Basic shadow Natural shadow Reflection shadow
shadow-keep-existing-shadow-2 shadow-basic-prodcut-shadow-1 shadow-natural-drop-shadow-1 shadow-reflection-shadow-1


Add-on: Basic and Extras

Under the hood, you get a range of add-on to add to your cart: Resizing, Format, Web compression. While costing you none, these popular add-ons are fundamental choices for e-commerce image editing.



There is no question that you want your images in a certain dimension. If you are selling on Amazon or eBay, you can quickly check their corresponding product image requirements. But for your own e-commerce site, you know best what you need. Just click on Resize to and enter height and width. If you want margins around your product image, enter percentage in the Margin box.

On the other hand, you may want to retain the original sizes of your images. If that is the case, choose Keep original size. While you go for the second option, you may still want to leave a certain margin around your product image. Just enter the percentage.

Basic and Extras


Choose which format you want your images returned; Available options: JPG, PNG, PSD.


Web compression

If you want images ready to publish in your e-commerce site, you have 3 options available: Maximum quality (100%), Very high quality (80%), High quality (60%).


Extra copy

In certain situations, you may want to receive a second version of your images optimized with a different set of sizing and format configurations. Enabling the Extra copy reveals options to enter sizing information, Margin, Format, and Web compression for your second set of images.


Create Image Specification from a Template

Creating image specification from a template is just an alternative of creating custom image specification. When choosing templates over custom specification described above, you are getting 3 sets of eCom pre-defined templates called Standard, Enhanced, and Complete. These 3 options picks up configuration from the IPC itself. Soon you pick up a template, the end result is reflected immediately in the demo and changes in pricing are shown. The table below illustrates the associated configurations with each template.


Standard Enhanced Complete
  • Background removal
  • Resize & web compression
  • Background removal
  • Resize & web compression
  • Colour Enhancement
  • Retouching / Airbrushing
  • Background removal
  • Resize & web compression
  • Colour Enhancement
  • Retouching / Airbrushing
  • Drop shadow
template-standard template-enhanced template-complete

Instant Price Calculator (VIDEO)


Now you know what it takes to create great e-commerce product image specification with In the next steps, you can sign up and upload your images. So why wait? Get your hands onto our Instant Price Calculator and start to receive consistent, compliant, and professional product images.

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Md AsaduzzamanWalk Through Our Instant Price Calculator


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