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Frequently asked questions

Is your price the same every time with any type of picture?
Yes, exactly the same price every time. We offer a flat price for any type of picture – life’s easier that way!
How do you remove the background?
Depending on the type of picture, we use appropriate tools like clipping path, masking etc, in Photoshop to remove the background.
How do I upload my pictures?
You can upload either using our web file manager or FTP. When placing an order, you will see an upload button, which takes you to the upload area where you can drag your files. An FTP account is also created when you register, so you can use either option.
Can I have other graphical work done?
eCom.pics is specialized on the tasks you can order online. However, if you have special requests please do not hesitate to visit our sister website www.clippingpathindia.com
Can I visit your production facility?
You are more than welcome to visit us ... send an e-mail or give us a call and we will arrange your tour! Looking forward to see you.
Do you guarantee the quality I want?
Quality is very subjective, 99% of our customers report that they are satisfied. However, if the quality does not match your expectations we will do our best to make any required changes and comply with your expectations.
Can I save my service configuration for my next order?
We know that many of our customers want to repeat their old orders in terms of services (background colour, resizing, drop shadow type and so on). In order to make this as easy as possible for you we have made a button available on your order history page where by clicking “Duplicate” you can reuse your old configuration.
Are my pictures safe with you?
100% yes. Our entire setup is protected by firewall for inbound and outbound security and we use the latest antivirus protection in every computer. Further, all our personnel have signed a non-disclosure agreement where they commit themselves to not taking any images out of the workplace or use it for any other purposes than for the job you require.
What file format do you accept?
We prefer to work with JPG. However you can also send PNG, TIFF, or PSD.
I need bulk image processing, can I have a custom quote?
Online we have pricing up to approximately 1000 pictures. If your details are outside the scope of what you find there, get in touch and we’ll create a tailor-made arrangement.

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