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Flat rate pricing

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Flat-rate pricing is the future - the average price we are able to offer you is more attractive than spending hours and days on estimating, giving and accepting individual quotes.

Amazing discounts

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Get up to 66% instant discount by purchasing one of our credit bundles. These bundles can be used for up to one year from purchase and are not limited to any volume on orders.

Enterprise or OEM deal

If you need bespoke solution

Do you need bulk image editing regularly? Looking for an affiliate or OEM deal? We can tailor a solution, price and payment scheme to your exact needs. Contact us to find out more.


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How we do pricing


Creating a fair and attractive pricing mechanism is difficult. After years of experience with different pricing models we have created a new “credits” based mechanism which enable us to offer:

  • - Flat rate pricing – transparent service pricing
  • - Great volume discounts – up to 66% off when buying 6000 credits
  • - Discount on turnaround time – further discount if you can wait more than 24H
  • - Premium on quick turnaround – pictures back quicker than 24H cost extra

Flat rate pricing on individual services makes it easier to understand the pricing and as a consequence you can as a customer make the right decision based on value vs cost. As an example the standard price for removing the background is 3 credits. If you require color correction on your image this increases the price by a further 1 credit. Drop shadow or reflection shadow on your product photo is 2 credits and retouching is 1 credit. No matter how many product photos you want edited on each order we want to provide a great discount based on the total number of images you need edited. This is the reason why we operate with credit bundles that serves all our customers. If you have only 1 picture you want altered, we give you a good and fair price but if you want for example 1000 images edited per year we provide a 66% discount when buying our 6000 credit bundle.

Turnaround time

At we edit thousands of images every day. We have peaks and lows in our production and when operating with manual high quality Photoshop editing we have an interest in trying to level our product load between hours of the day and days of the week. As a consequence, we offer a 15 to 30% discount on orders if you can wait an extra day (or four) to get the pictures back.

If you need an exceptional quick service on product photo editing, we offer fast turnaround of 12 hours, 6 hours, 3 hours and even a 45 minutes’ express turnaround. In order to accommodate this speedy service, we operate with a credit premium on these services which enable us to have the best possible price on our standard 24-hour service.

Practically speaking, it doesn’t matter whether we deal with a high number of images on a regular basis, or a smaller total less consistently. Either way, if you’re confident about the numbers involved, we can make a deal for you. Check out the credit pricing table…and if your details are outside the scope of what you find there, get in touch and we’ll create a tailor-made arrangement. is a brand of Outsource Experts Ltd © 2017. All rights reserved.