How Your Product Photos Sell with Background Removal and Retouching

Remove the background

Removing the background from a picture (after taking a photograph and before putting it online) is essential. It helps create a uniform look on your site, and for the individual image it emphasizes the product, removing potentially distracting elements.To ensure we deliver the best possible product to you we use the best and most appropriate tools within Photoshop – it’s not just about background removal. We also make sure we get the product edge as smooth and clean as possible .

Color enhancement

Tweaking colour and light settings can have a great impact on the look of apicture.By adjusting brightness, contrast, color, tone, white balance, exposure and other elements we make sure that the product looks its absolute best. We also ensure that there’s a consistent look across all of the pictures in your order, so all images have the same blend of color temperature, light, etc.extra attention makes a real difference to the impact of photos.

Retouching/ Airbrushing

However good the images you send us, they are always flawed in some way. It is common that features in images have tiny spots, scratches or blemishes. Sometimes that’s a result of the camera lens. It can also be the effect of light and colour in the picture, creating a smear effect.Whatever the cause, we make sure we retouch images

Drop shadow

Removing the background from an image is essential so viewers can focus on the product. But to begin with it looks like it’s floating in midair. Add a drop shadow, and the photo looks more natural, creating a frame for your product to embed it within the image.Without shadow, the product can look like it has no substance, which is offputting. So using a combination of filters and manual alteration, we make the shadow look just as it should, drawing attention to what the viewer is interested in.We use reflection shadow as well, by manipulating a flipped image.


When uploading pictures to your ecommerce website or catalogue, it is important that they are the correct size, centered and with uniform margins. For online images, the balance of compression and image quality is essential. The pictures you receive back from us will have all of that done, so that they look great, and upload without the need for further work.
We use the best tools on the market, resulting in images that load quickly,

Clipping path

For print quality pictures, it can be useful to opt for clipping path as an additional service. Why? Depending on the image worked with, the clipping path – which is drawn using a pen tool – can provide the very best standard of background removal. It’s simply the best tool available for the highest quality finished edges – and it’s perfect for those occasions when you actually need to keep the background, but make the product really work within it.

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